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Rolling Hills Observatory is a private site that is dedicated to searching for asteroids, comets and supernova. It is also dedicated to the pursuit of astrophotography, public outreach and public education in the science of Astronomy.



The facility is located 5 miles south of Warrensburg, MO.  This site has good seeing conditions, low light pollution and a great visual horizon. The facility is 60 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri and 10 miles west of Whiteman AFB.

The complex consist of 2 domes and a control room/shed. The Explora Dome has a base of 10′ 6″ in diameter with an 8′  dome. It houses a 14″ CelestronC-14 SCT@ f-11  and a Starizona Hyper star lens system @ f-1.9 on a Celestron CGEM Deluxe equatorial mount.

The Skyshed Pod dome is 8′ in diameter with 3 bays for telescope and equipment storage. The pod houses a pier mounted Orion Atlas go-to mount that carries a Orion 10″ Astrograph reflector @ f-3.75 or an AT111EDT APO refractor @ f-7 with guide scopes also mounted.

The facility also has a portable Celestron CG-5 go-to mount that can use the  AT111EDT, AT80ED, Orion 100mm refractor or a Orion 8″ reflector. RHO also has a 16″  portable Truss tube dob @ f-4.3 for viewing events at RHO and for outreach programs that have viewing opportunities.

Rolling Hills Observatory
Rick and Krys Owens
Warrensburg, MO

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